Chris Bernay is a multifaceted Argentinian brand strategist, graphic designer, photographer and co-founder of Engine Collaborative.


He has been regional creative director of Marlboro and creative director of the design department of Leo Burnett and Chief-in-Design of Bridger Conway and D-Mode Magazine in Buenos Aires.


He developed projects in branding, editorial and advertising for Fiat, Marlboro, Miss Sixty, Nike, Procter & Gamble, Diageo among others, and he developed a strong proficiency in photography as well, shooting and producing advertising campaigns for Puma and Philip Morris among other brands and portraying artist like Gorillaz, Lou Reed, Arctic Monkeys and others in festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza.


Since 2013, he was working exclusively in branding for startups with the premise of not doing work for companies or brands who harm people or animals. So he decided to never work for tobacco again, nor weapon, hunting or taxidermy.


Since then, he built and designed brands and visual identities for more than 50 startups from around the world, and founded with Rob Yedlin, Engine Collaborative LLC, an American company focused in brand strategy development, user experience and product development.