Chris Bernay is a creative art director, graphic designer, and photographer, having held roles such as Regional Creative Director and Chief Designer at Leo Burnett, Art Director at Dirtybird Records, Creative Director at Glorious Gaming, and Chief Designer at Bridger Conway.


His work has garnered recognition in Adweek Talent Gallery, AIGA Members Gallery, Wacom Gallery, and Pantone Canvas, as well as in Branding Served, Design Served, Web Served, and Typography Served on Behance Network. He has been featured in interviews and publications such as Baron Mag (Canada), Resource Magazine (NYC), Status Magazine (Indonesia), (UK), DMAG, Soko (Argentina),,,,, and numerous others.


As a multiple-times featured guest on Adobe Live, Chris has consistently showcased his expertise and creative process for crafting brand identities and advertising to a global audience through live streams at Behance Network and YouTube.


Chris has contributed to renowned brands and enterprises like AdRoll, Gandour, Nerds, Levi’s, Nike, Marlboro, Pepsi, Fiat, Procter & Gamble, and Diageo. Furthermore, he has led the development of brand identities and packaging for emerging startups worldwide, including the fast-growing companies Glorious Gaming based in Dallas, Texas, and PuraFrutta from Patagonia, Argentina.